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"Lady, my 18-year-old grey Arabian, had been on Eqvalan, for deworming, about every 8 weeks. I was never particularly happy about giving her this "chemical cocktail" all the time, so I inquired about the Horse Sense Herbs Equine Dewormer - seeing that we had such great results with their other products. Another concern was to keep her natural balance in tact. So, 6 weeks after she had Eqvalan, I gave Lady the Horse Sense Herbs Dewormer One - 5 days in a row. Four weeks after that, I took a stool sample to the vet to check for parasites or worms - the test came back negative. The vet said she was clean. In combination with a regular Horse Sense Herbs Dewormer every 2 months, I will now give her the "chemical cocktail" Dewormer only twice a year. I am of the opinion that we have to keep an open mind - I believe there are natural alternatives, such as Horse Sense Herbs. Just make sure you do the research on the products."
Eva Blais - White Rock, BC, Canada